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Shirley Jane Temple's Journal

Friday, July 21, 2006


Hi everyone,

boy have I got more news. "Captain January" & "Poor Little Rich Girl" will be out during next season. I always like my co-stars, those 2 pictures included Buddy Ebsen, Jane Darwell, Jack Haley & Alice Faye. Mommy helps me focus real hard on my school work. Klammy is nice to be with in between shots, oh yeah and I can't forget Mary Lou (she's my stand in & good friend). Fox has photoshoots, radio & public appearances booked a bunch of the times. I enjoy the parades. Mommy and I looked over another film just yesterday, it's called "Dimples" but I wouldn't be on set until next year.

See you in the movies!

Wednesday, July 5, 2006


I hope Miss Ann doesn't mind this post since I got it from her idea.

These videos are scenes from a couple of my films. Enjoy!


Love, Shirley

Saturday, May 6, 2006



Saturday, April 22, 2006


I have been making lots of movies, when you get a chance my newest ones are: "The Littlest Rebel", "Curly Top" & "Our Little Girl". I made those in 1 year. My family & I have moved into a new house, I like it!

I'm getting tired so I better leave now. Thank you everybody for your support!!

Love, Shirley
p.s. tomorrow is my 6th birthday and Fox is throwing me a party so I'd like to invite you all. I will be there (online) from 12:00pm until 7:30pm.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Shirley JaneCollapse )

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


SimplyCyd: hello Shirley - thank you again for the birthday comment :-)
SparkleShirley28: you're welcome ma'am, I hope you got all the cake you wanted!
SimplyCyd: haha I did, and there was more left.
SimplyCyd: it was the biggest cake I have ever seen
SparkleShirley28: Mommy only lets me have half of 1 piece
SimplyCyd: well that's good - you don't want cavities
SimplyCyd: you have such a pretty smile
SparkleShirley28: this big?! *opens arms way way out*
SimplyCyd: hahaha
SparkleShirley28: thank you! *giggles*
SimplyCyd: have you been busy lately?
SparkleShirley28: oh very, Mr. Sheehan doesn't work at Fox any more:-(. but Mr. Zanuk took over & he is nice. He is getting me a lot of new roles.
SimplyCyd: well that sounds nice.
SparkleShirley28: are you busy? when you have some time off you could visit my bungalow and we can play
SparkleShirley28: if you'd like
SimplyCyd: I would like like that very much
SparkleShirley28: :-D
SimplyCyd: I will be sure to remember to do that when I have time
SparkleShirley28: guess who I just met a couple days ago?
SimplyCyd: perhaps, if your mother says it's okay, you could come for one of my dance rehearsals
SimplyCyd: who?
SparkleShirley28: oh my goodness, I'd like that very much
SparkleShirley28: Amelia Earheart!
SimplyCyd: really? well my my my
SimplyCyd: that must have been terribly exciting
SparkleShirley28: she is going to visit me again after she flys around the world
SparkleShirley28: who is you hero?
SimplyCyd: do you like airplanes?
SparkleShirley28: oh yes, someday I'd like to be a pilot
SimplyCyd: my hero -- oh well, i'd have to say my father. you know he's the one that put me into ballet classes when I was very little because I was ill and the doctor told him exercise would do me a world of good. so if it weren't for my father taking the doctor's advice, I'd not be here to talk to you today :-)
SimplyCyd: well I think that is a fabulous goal, Shirley! maybe you could fly me to a vacation then ;-)
SparkleShirley28: oh Miss Cyd, that is wonderful. I love my Daddy, and my Mommy too
SimplyCyd: thats a very good thing
SparkleShirley28: Fox wont let me fly, but I will some day
SimplyCyd: it's good to have goals and live to make your life happy.
SparkleShirley28: who came to your birthday?
SimplyCyd: even if stuffy studio heads dont agree
SparkleShirley28: oh yes I agree
SparkleShirley28: Mommy helps me do a lot of things
SparkleShirley28: I like boat trips
SimplyCyd: well there was my husband and son, my mother, my brother, mr. fred astaire and his family, mr gene kelly and his family ... gregory peck. oh all sorts of people - a man from the market who is always so nice to me came as well.
SparkleShirley28: have you ever been on a ship?
SimplyCyd: yes I have
SimplyCyd: sailing is one of my favorite hobbies
SparkleShirley28: me too
SimplyCyd: have you been on a big boat, or a little row boat?
SparkleShirley28: *giggles*
SparkleShirley28: both
SimplyCyd: oh good! me too!
SparkleShirley28: plus a little boat with a motter
SparkleShirley28: oops, did I spell that right
SimplyCyd: you know, right now I'm so tired I don't know HAHA
SparkleShirley28: heheh
SimplyCyd: oh it's tought getting old kid ;-)
SimplyCyd: my father always used to say that to me and I understand him now
SparkleShirley28: I understand too
SimplyCyd: you do? how old are you now?
SparkleShirley28: 5
SimplyCyd: oh well you are getting up there, arent you?
SimplyCyd: tell me do you need to use a cane yet, ma'am?
SparkleShirley28: *giggles* not yet, Uncle Billy carrys me
SimplyCyd: oh well you're lucky
SparkleShirley28: thank you ma'am
SimplyCyd: youre very welcome
SparkleShirley28: I promise to update my journal soon, it just gets busy
SimplyCyd: I understand I haven't being updating so much either
SparkleShirley28: will I get into trouble
SimplyCyd: no no you're fine
SparkleShirley28: my brother says I need to go to bed now, Mommy is sick & Daddy is taking care of her
SimplyCyd: well have a good night
SimplyCyd: be tucked in tight!
SparkleShirley28: she might need castor oil, eww.
SparkleShirley28: you too
SparkleShirley28: *curls finger* will you please kneel down
SimplyCyd: ok
SimplyCyd: *kneels*
SparkleShirley28: *hugs*
SimplyCyd: oh thank you darling!
SimplyCyd: tell your mommy I hope she's feeling well enough soon so you and I can visit
SparkleShirley28: thank you Miss Cyd!
SparkleShirley28: I will, good night ma'am
SimplyCyd: good night
SparkleShirley28: *blows kiss*
SimplyCyd: :-)

Saturday, February 18, 2006


I'm sorry for not updating, Fox wants me to stay with Mommy at my bungalow in between takes. I had a nice Valentine's day. Did you? My candy was gone right away...because I ate it. *giggles* Today I had to work awful hard but I don't mind. I will be filming another movie called "The Little Colonel", I met a new friend who is going to be dancing with me. His name is Bill Bojangles Robinson, 'cept he said I may call him Uncle Billy. *giggles* We agreed he gets to call me darlin'.

I need to go, my teacher Klammy is calling me for something important.
Love, Shirley

Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Wow just guess what Mr. Sheehan did, he gave me a house that's right on studio lot! I have my own swing out front with pretty flowers, a picket fence surrounding me & everything inside fits my size. I think it's called a bungalow. I was very surprised. He also got me a personal tutor, her name is Frances Klapt. She prefers Klammy though. Mr. Hathaway wanted me to cry for a scene yesterday in "Now and Forever", but I couldn't my tummy was full. So he told me we could try again this morning before lunch since that is when I can do it best. I finally did it! Everybody was happy.

Now it's time for another shot, bye.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Oh my goodness, I'm so happy to write again. I can't believe what is happening. Fox is giving me all sorts of roles. I love it! We are talking about this one picture which is all about flying. Amelia Earhart is going to be flying around the world pretty soon, I wish I can do that someday. Mommy doesn't like me staying up too late but the studio needed one more scene done so I was allowed. Now it's time for bed.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006


"Little Miss Marker" is a very good picture but funny too. I hope everybody will like it. Miss Dell is wonderful and so is Mr. Menjou but in the movie he doesn't like me at first. I better stop before I spill the beans. *giggles* Yesterday right after doing the breakfast scene Mr. Zukor came over to me and said "very nice work young lady". Mommy took me home for the day. She wasn't feeling to well and I don't know why. Well my lunch is ready.


Saturday, December 31, 2005


Happy New Years Eve!

I am enjoying my time with Fox. Mommy says that I need to concentrate very hard because I'm a professional actress now. We have a secret code word and everything. Daddy is calling me for super.


Sunday, December 25, 2005


Wishing You A Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


My Daddy has been reading "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" to me, I love it! Some day I hope to be Dorothy. L. Frank Baum is a great writer. Mommy heard news Fox just called and Mr. Hall said I got the title role in "Little Miss Marker". I don't know how to read yet but I enjoy practicing my lines, this movie is a very funny picture. We start filming next month. I'm going to play with my brothers now. Bye.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Fox got me a role in "Stand up and Cheer". I'm excited! James Dunn will be playing my Daddy. And we get to dance with eachother. I can't wait!

Shirley Temple

Monday, December 5, 2005

2:18PM - My 1st Entry


my name is Shirley Jane Temple. I signed a contract with Fox the movie studios. Before that I was in the baby burlesk pictures and some frolics of youth. Mommy always helps me remember my lines, we have a new secret code word. I like playing with my two brothers. We play cops and robbers like on the radio. I always have my favorite sling shot with me, but I don't hurt anybody because I use paper balls. At night Mommy puts my hair up in 56 pin curls because that's how many it take for you to look your best and you should always look your best in pictures! Daddy and me listen to Amelia Earhart's travels. She is my hero, someday I hope to be a pilot just like her.

I better go now. I promise to keep you updated. Talk soon.